Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Lies from Gayan Chandi


Since I returned back home and since my last entry on this blog, I have been in regular contact with the Weligama Police and a couple of local people from Mirissa who know Chandi very well. I have been sickened to the core to have found out more lies by Chandi and more about his criminal history. It is shocking. Please please all tourists have to stay away from this man.

The Officer in Charge of Weligama informed me a couple of days ago that Gayan was married TWICE!!  I mentioned in my last blog entry on this website that he was married to a UK woman who he assaulted and how he was put into jail for that attack in London. Well it turns out that Gayan is also married to a local Sri Lankan woman for the past 5 years. During this time he still had foreign women as girlfriends on the beach with whom he stayed with in their guesthouses.Since last year his local wife hasn't been seen anywhere and police suspect that Gayan has done something to her.

Gayan NEVER told me that he was married. His family never told me that he was married.His parents are also in on his lies to help him trick female tourist girlfriends for financial purposes.  In case you meet them-his father wears a sarong and has a limp and his mother looks like Gayan and  wears a purple sari or dress.

I was also told by a local that he attacked an old Swiss lady and attempted to stab her in the face with a knife.  The police gave me more information about one of his murders he committed with 3 other friends a number of years ago in which the High Court trials are still pending. He attacked an innocent local man in a fight with an arrack bottle-hit him in the head. Then he and his friends stabbed him to death with a shard of glass. I also found out more about the rape case. It turns out Gayan took a local woman into the jungle and gang raped her with up to 20 local men. When I quizzed the Police why someone like Gayan has not yet been convicted for such crimes I was told that the judicial court system in Sri Lanka is antiquated and takes a long time where often criminal cases take up to 10 years to be resolved in the courts.  This has shocked me so much. Had Gayan been convicted of his earlier murders and crimes so many tourist women would have been spared. I urge you to read more about Gayan Chandi in this blog in entries further down this page.

Some notes on the pictures:
If you meet him he will often take you to Parrot Rock and talk about his poor life and how much he wants a baby. He will often do poi to attract women. Upon meeting you he will also take you to his cabana and his parents place to show you how "poor" they are and then immediately try to convince you to live with him in the cabana and start a guesthouse business. He sounds so genuine but its all lies.  He is a well known heroin addict and criminal but the locals are too scared to say anything to foreigners in case he attacks them. Gayan often hangs around the rotti shop near the bridge because this is the place where the buses often drop tourists off. I have shown all of these places in the photos so you are warned and are aware.

If you have any more information about Gayan, please contact me on victimsofcrimeinternational@gmail.com.

 I have also contacted the Australian and Sri Lankan authorities. This evil man needs to be stopped.PLEASE READ MORE INFORMATION ABOUT GAYAN/CHANDI BELOW:

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