Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lies Chandi told me & might try on you

For those of you traveling to Mirissa on the south coast of sri lanka, it's imperitive that you heed this warning.  This is my personal experience and I would be horrified if it happened to yet another innocent person.
There is a young local man who you all need to be aware of.  His name is Gayan Lakshitha, although to most he is known as Chandi.  He hangs around at Wadiya Beach Bar on Mirissa beach or maybe u met him somewhere else, I met him at the roti shop near the bridge.    He is 27 years old, his birthday is on the 29th of August 1983.  He targets mainly female tourists, but he has been known to target males as well.  If you meet him, he may charm you.  He is easy to talk to and knows a lot about the local area since he has lived there his whole life.  He has been to the UK and may also talk to you about this on your first meeting.  He may mention Cornwall, especially if you are from the UK.  He will tell you he surfed there a lot and worked in a surf shop.  On your first casual meeting, he may offer to show you some beautiful sites in the area.  Then he will probably tell you this story to gain your trust and sympathy:
When he was young, around 14 or 15, he came home from school one day to find his older sister lying on the floor of their house bleeding and crying.  She had been raped by a local ganster/thug.  Upon seeing her lying there, Gayan flew into a rage and grabbed the kitchen knife running into the street to find the man.  He found this man and stabbed him three times, nearly blinding him.  He ran home in a state of shock and told his parents what had happened.  They took him to the local police station where he was arrested for attempted murder.  He then spent 9 months in jail awaiting trial.  During that time in jail, an older man tried to rape him and he defended himself by stabbing him with a needle.  Eventually he was released after his trial and given a 10 year suspended sentence considering the circumstances.  He tried to go back to school, but his local school wouldn't allow him back in.  Because of this he doesn't have any skills or education.  He will in all likelihood cry a lot during this story.
THIS IS ALL A COMPLETE LIE.  There is no record of any of this every happening.  I know, I checked with the local police and the head of police for the entire south of Sri Lanka.  NONE OF THIS EVER HAPPENED.
Chandi uses this story to make you feel sorry for him and to explain his 'bad' reputation in Mirissa.  He tells you this, in case anyone mentions to you that he is a bad man who has assaulted people, you disregard their warnings a predjudice.
He will tell you of his dreams to build and open a guest house and may talk about a guest house he used to run on the beach near Mirissa.  The story he told me was that he inherited this two story house on the beach from his grandparents and his ex UK girlfriend used to visit him there.  He also rented out rooms to tourists, mainly surfers.  He will talk about how rich he was and how everyone respected him because he had so much money and power.  He will talk about all of this in apparent great sorrow because he sold this property in order to return to the UK with his girlfriend and things didn't work out, so now he is poor and doesn't have work or money.
The story he will probably tell you about his UK ex is this.  She was extremely wealthy and older than him.  He was 18-21 at the time.  He may say that she is a russian drug dealer and that she ruined his life.  He sold his property to go and live with her in the UK where she eventually forced him to get low paying jobs even though she was rich.  One day he arrived home and found her having sex with another man.  He quickly left and she didn't know that he had been there.  He returned later and asked to borrow maybe 1000 pounds from her.  He took this and disappeared from her life traveling to scotland and Ireland and thru parts of europe.  Even though she destroyed his life at least he got to "see the world". 
The real story I got from The chief of Police at Weligama police station. He told me that he had actually married this woman and has fathered two babies with her.  He did not know her name or how to contact her.  He also told me that she wasn't a drug dealer but a managing director for some company, and had come to Sri Lanka to work in an NGO.  He said they got married so she could take him to the UK with her, and after some time he physcially assaulted her so badly he was put into prison for 2 and a half years.  After this time interpol extradited him from the UK and sent him back to Sri Lanka and instructed the authorities to lock him back up when he reentered the country.  They did this, and his was in sri lankan prison for another 1 and a half years.
Chandi addmitted that he served time in the UK, but he said that he was set up for dealing drugs and was later proven innocent.  He also admitted to being sent back to prison upon his arrival in Sri Lanka, but his reason for this was there was a pending court case he had missed while he was in the UK.  The court case was he had been driving fast on a scooter and the passenger was killed when a van ran into them.  This was also not his fault, and he was found innocent yet again!  He may explain the bump on the top of his head as being from this accident.  I can't say where it's really from, but I imagine someone probably beat him over the head.  If anyone wants to confirm this information you can call the Weligama Police Station and ask to speak to the OIC Mahesh Kumarasinghe (country code 94) 0777274724 , he can speak english very well.

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