Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Warning Gayan Chandi

This is a warning to all women who travel to Mirissa Beach on the south coast. There is a local surfer beachboy by the name of Gayan Lakshitha, but most people call him Chandi. He has dark skin, messy dredlocks, a tattoo of his ex girlfriend on the inside of his left forearm, and also an eagle on his right shoulder blade. He lives across from the cemetary near Udapila Junction.

He often hangs out at the beach, especially at Wadiya Resturant because Gayan will tell you he works there. This is not true, the owner Asanka, uses Gayan to lure female tourists into his buisness in order to make money off them.

I spent a month with Gayan in August, he was charming and sweet. This is all an act. He assaulted me one night on Mirissa beach because I wanted to go for a walk. I tried to run away down Galle Road, but he chased me. I had bruises and scratches all over my body. Luckily the next day he was arrested and when I went to speak to the WEligama OIC, he told me all about who Gayan really is. He has pending court cases for murder, gang rape, various assaults, and posession and distribution of heroin. I didn't even know he used smack, that's how good he is at hiding things. I found out from the OIC that he has assaulted many female tourists in the past, but most don't report it.

I fled the country to get away from this mess. But before I left I spoke to him on the phone from prison. He addmitted to shooting someone and justified the gang rape because he said she was a sl%t. The whole experience has been horrifying and I wished someone could have warned me considering his long list of victims. I believe him to be a psychopath, he is extremely good at manipulation and lies and everyone needs to stay away from him and warn others.

And please stay away from Wadiya Resturant, they know that he is a violent criminal and still use him to make money! It's so unsafe. Another guest house who knows his history and uses him to make money and doesn't warn tourists, is Suduweli guesthouse in Kirinda near Yala National Park. Stay away from here also. I stayed there one week with Gayan and the boss Shantha knows all about him and didn't warn me once! They are all as bad as each other, it's disgusting. Suduweli is in the lonelyplanet guide to Sri Lanka.

Please beware of this dangerous criminal, he can do some permanent damage to your life. At the moment he is locked up in Matara Prison, but he could be out at any time.


  1. can you please forward me with more information.

  2. Chandi is not criminal boy...he is innocent and good boy....
    but more people jealous with chandi........

    because he very honest with people...